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Alternative Wellness Solutions and Guided Coaching Services

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About Stress Me Not LLC

Our Mission

At Stress Me Not, we believe that nature should be at the center of your wellness.

Here's why:

- It's natural.

- It's healthy.

- It's sustainable.

And that's what we're all about! We want to help people live healthier and longer by providing them with natural alternatives to unnatural ailments. Our mission is simple: to help you live well, naturally, and happily.

Harness The Power Of Plants

At Stress Me Not, our skilled therapists are experts in natural solutions catered to your unique requirements. To provide you specialized solutions, we draw on our in-depth understanding of plant-based substitutes, including natural butters, herbs, and essential oils. Each component of a plant, tree, shrub, or weed has a specific function. Because of this, we may create a variety of items specifically for you. At Stress Me Not, we use plant-based substitutes for synthetic chemicals in every facet of life. Come along with us as we transition to a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Top Wellness Online Coaching & Natural Plant Based Products

Stress Me Not provides natural wellness and herbal coaching aimed at improving your quality of life by addressing underlying causes of ailments. Our coaching also provides natural alternatives for toxin elimination in everyday life. We offer handmade natural apothecary products and services, embodying our mantra, "Where Nature Meets Wellness". Our plant-based alternatives cater to health and lifestyle needs, allowing you to destress, combat aches and pains, or enjoy some me-time. Schedule your free consultation today to experience the benefits of our services.

Essential Oils

Enjoy a better quality of life with natural solutions for anxiety, stress, weight management, sleep deprivation.

Check out our Essential Oils 

Why People Love Us

I am a newbie just getting started and will take me a bit. I am going to gradually move over to the natural oils for my supplements as well as for some back pain and inflammation and anxiety depression I have battled on and off many years. I have learned a lot through Daisy who has a wonderful passion and very knowledgeable. She has taught me so much and I have only begun. I started with removing Celebrex from my daily routine and added Copaiba to inflammation. It has nicely taken the place. I have also experienced the peppermint oil with my recent symptoms I acquired from COVID. It helped my breathing and soothed my cough. I look forward to the new me with natural replacements as well as continuing education about all the alternatives. Thanks so much Daisy!

Lori Denton
Feb 5, 2022

Daisy is so informative, giving, and kind and her Aroma Touch Therapy is pure magic.

Tara Lin Ebersole
Feb 5, 2022

I have used quite a few products from Stress me not and I have to say they are really great! I love the lip balm the most, the leave in conditioner is also a must try! Soaps are fantastic! I give Stress me not five stars!

Gina Jackson
Feb 9, 2022


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11 June 2023

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